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Trusted Reviews, Honest Ratings and Quality Advice Consumer Health Digest is your premier source for evidence-based health and wellness information and unbiased product reviews.

As a commercial website, we invest our personal time and money to curate our content. If the website has a link to a product or service website, we may get paid a commission if you purchase the product or service.

No publisher, manufacturer, supplier or advertiser will ever influence the content, topics or posts made on this website. The provided information often includes general health topics, specific health concerns, product information and reviews, buying guides, product specifications, and personalized recommendations of the products that we promote.

We may also Press Release or Video e-commerce purchasing information, such as prices, availability, and referral sites.

The reviews contain factual information that is easily verifiable. We always strive to establish a general consensus in relation to specific products by reading reviews of those products on other sites, obtaining official information from the manufacturer or producer, and through user experience stories. The goal is to present the product in an accurate and informational light through our anecdotal reviews.

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Consumer Health Digest joined Consumer Health Bulletin in 2022

As part of Consumer Health Bulletin, Consumer Health Digest has the unprecedented opportunity to combine industry-leading reach and health expertise with digital marketing experience. Together, we will realize a vision of a whole-person, comprehensive digital health and wellness platform.

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Health CenterExpert Perspective on Popular Health Topic

Precaution Is Better Than Cure" but to take precaution at a proper time it is important to encounter the health issue as early as possible and for doing so awareness about the various disease is important.

Considering this as an objective ConsumerHealthDigest.com has assembled experts to guide and share their knowledge and experience related to various health issues for both men and women. We provide all the information on fitness, health, relationships, pregnancy, weight-loss, nutrition and muscle building. This is our one-in-all platform for what you need to know about any health issues. Connect with us and get access to best-in-class experts selected by ConsumerHealthDigest.com.

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Meet the Team Contributors and Writers at Consumer Health Digest

Meet the Team - Contributors and Writers

We are truly grateful for the amount of support we constantly receive from our audience. There are numerous individuals who have continually contributed to making Consumer Health Digest the leader in health information, but some of the key people that have helped shape our website and continue to innovate are mentioned here.

Wellness Contributors/Review Board

In adherence to our mission to provide people with accurate and easy-to-understand information, we have created this contributor team. These contributors/reviewers are credentialed subject matter experts who have built careers in the fields of health & medicine. They contribute their ever evolving knowledge & expertise to ensure that all the information we present is timely, accurate and actionable.

Mens’s & Womens's HealthAnita Tee
Astrid NaranjoAstrid Naranjo
Dr. Atanas G AtanasovDr. Atanas G Atanasov
Dr. Conor KerleyDr. Conor Kerley
Dr. Sarah BrewerDr. Sarah Brewer

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