Privacy Policy

This shared policy intends to highlight and elaborate on information collection and dissemination. Details about you that might be picked up when you make use of our available services, how the personal info could be utilized, the freedom to choose the way your info is utilized, and the precautions taken against unlawful access, or utilization of your data are given in detail and well expounded here.

The services can be availed on different electronic platforms, including tablets, and mobile phone devices, and lack restriction news, application and reference tools, personalized content, sponsored programs, regular education on personal health, discussion boards, and communication tools.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you take the time to read through this privacy policy. As such, we do not assume any accountability for other websites; we only respond to our shared terms and policy.

Privacy Policy Updates, Changes, and Revisions

In case of any major changes in our policy, we will assume the responsibility of informing you in good time. When it comes to inconsequential updates or revisions, we may notify you or not. However, where the changes will significantly affect our way of handling personal data, we commit to giving you a choice before we affect the changes.

The information we avail on is meant to complement and not replace the relationship between the patient and his or her doctor/physician. Any individual over 18 years can make use of our information not unless where a serious health concern is involved.

Information We Collect

On this point, we discuss the various sets of personal data that we are likely to gather and the process of collection involved.

  • 1. Visitors Who Are Not Registered
    You need to register so that you can access all the available services on our Site. However, you can still access some restricted areas without giving identifiable information and your personal details. We do not use such information to trace back to an individual or use it to identify the person. We don’t use cookies. Our Privacy Policy section entitled Web Beacons and Cookies below give more details on the way this is done.
  • 2.Visitors Who Are Registered
    In this case, you will be required to give identifying information like your first and surname name, e-mail, and zip code, among other work-related information. There is also a choice when it comes to newsletters as well as other information you would like to get. In case you are asked to provide more personal information to enable us to use your identifiable info or help you gain more access, it will be in line with our stringent Privacy Policy. Our duty is to let you know the way we plan to utilize the information after you append your consent.
  • 3.From Other Parties or External Sources
    It is within our right to gather further information and data of registered visitors from third-party platforms to help us better our customer services. Our aim is to utilize the collected data to verify, update our stored user info, and authenticate licensure status.

Additional Information

  • Dialogue Boards: Every time you post something on the discussion board, all the registered users will be able to see your profile. The basic profile details in this case range from your name, geographical information, and area of expertise. You have a right to share additional personal information but not if you wish to keep it private. For such information, avoid posting them to the open boards or other community forums. If you do, it will be interpreted as information consumable to the public and we including third parties can make use of it.
  • Tools: We make clinical tools and accessories accessible through the services. So, for the tools to operate, you are required to give information. The work of the tools is to store the information our users provide.
    Additional Information and Emails: If you have concerns and you would like them resolved or you need to have access to additional services, we may ask for additional information about you.
  • Market Research: Registered users can be contacted through email, website pop-ups, or via other means to take part in a paid or non-paid market survey or research. The survey may be administered by either one of our firms or a third-party research institution. In case you agree to take part, in the market research, respond to the questions asked in the surveys. You might be again requested to provide additional identification information. Kindly check the section on Disclosures, Uses, and Instances we use your data for.
  • Use of Content: Readers and users cannot modify or erase content published by our site. However, we are open to suggestions regarding any change through comments below the articles or via email.
  • Google Analytics: We are currently making use of Google Analytics to improve our content and analyze the website audience. Google Analytics does not collect any personal information. Please visit for further information on the privacy policy of Google Analytics.

Use of Web Beacons and Cookies

We deploy the use of beacons and cookies to gather non-personally identifiable data. Most browsers permit the placement of small data files on a device to help us know the gadget you may be using.
We allocate cookies for:

  • Assessing the type of services and commercial site pages you access
  • Tracking usage across Services and Professional Sites
  • Generating content and Ads for users

For registered users, our sites associate the cookies with your available information. This enables us to create and provide you with more personalized content like ads, enhanced functionality, and personalization of the services.

Any time you install any of our apps or mobile-related software applications to your device, your installation will be given a number at random that is comparable to a beacon or cookie. Browsers are by default created to hinder all cookies. In case your browser does the same, sites with auto-enabled settings will not be able to distinguish you when you revisit the site. This means that certain functionality on the site may be lost. To access options, visit your browser’s help section.

We may as well place cookies and web border beacons to serve you tailored ads any time you visit the sites we own and operate. We might also utilize web border beacons to trace emails. Web border beacons are small graphic files, rooted in the website page which alert the server on a non-identifiable status. This ideally ends in a cookie.

Contracts that feature third parties place web beacons on our websites to help tailor ads, note that such ads are not operated by us. The cookies can pick up non-personally identifiable information of the user from the Site. These third parties confirm not to utilize personal or incriminating information. However, if your web browser is adjusted NOT to accept all cookies, your non-personal information won’t be collected.

We might permit third parties to put a cookie or cookies on your device browser to give advertisers a hint about your browser activity in a non-personally recognizable state.

Third parties’ use of web beacons or cookies or the way they manage non-personally identified information is beyond our control. Even so, we do need advertisers, sponsors, and Ads. The laws permit the collection of web beacon or cookie information courtesy of the services. All parties, however, commit to not collecting or storing personally identifiable information.

A good number of Ad Server companies and third parties allow site users to stop them from serving advertisements or collecting data via their cookies. A user can opt-out of it. It is also possible to do the same for a number of Ad Servers, cookies, and firms by following the Network Advertising Initiative which is an opt-out platform. Visiting the website allows users to also review the privacy policies.

Children’s Policy

We have pledged a commitment to protecting children. We provide Professional Sites and Services that are exclusively for adults over 18 years.

Uses and Disclosures Information

The personally identifiable information you share with us will only be utilized to provide the services you request and approve. We will not share the information you provide like email address, email id, and email content. This is done to protect your identity.

Your data will be recorded and kept on our database and only we will make use of it. However, we may also share personally identifiable information with third parties.

You can read our posts but we do not allow the reuse of our content in any way. Publication of content by our site cannot be erased or modified by users or readers. However, we are open to suggestions regarding any changes through comments below any of our articles or via email.

Aggregate Data

We generate information regarding users for product improvement, development, and market analysis purposes. We may give information in aggregate form about users to third parties. The aggregation of information is done professionally as we keep into consideration your well-being at all times. We may share with a client the site registered users’ percentage that specializes in a specific clinical or geographical area or the market survey participants’ percentage that chooses to participate in a particular survey question.

When we share aggregated information with a third party, we pool it along with other personal records. They include stripped data that can be utilized to recognize your identity. A third party receiving aggregate data or information from us is duty-bound to this particular procedure.

Advertising and Marketing

We may target its advertising and marketing based on the information you give after registering. For instance, we may serve a user whom we know is a cardiologist with advertisements related to cardiology both on our website and a third party’s website. We use web beacons and cookies to serve these Ads. Top on of that, we may decide to serve geographically sensitive Ads to unregistered and registered users depending on their IP addresses.

Also, we may personalize the advertising and services viewed by registered users depending on individual interests.

Third Parties

We sometimes may share personally recognizable identifiable information to third parties as explained below:

  • Other Sites: Any time you are interacting with any of these firms, a specialized privacy policy is likely to apply and will be given to you at such a time. Our sites may have links to other sites not operated by us. If you follow a third-party link, it will take you to that their website. We advise that before browsing around the website, first review their terms and privacy policy as that will be beyond our control.
    Note that we have no control over and, therefore, we cannot resume any responsibility for the content, practices, or privacy policies of any other third-party services or websites.
  • Companies and Our Workers: If your specialty or profession is healthcare provider, we may ask a third party to validate the status of your licensure’s status as well as other related information. We need all companies to meet the terms of this Privacy Policy. We do this in order to keep your identity safe and limit your access.
  • Market Research: We may occasionally call upon your participation in non-sponsored and sponsored market research surveys as explained above. If you agree to take part in a survey being carried out by a third-party market research firm, the company is likely to identify you. However, we required these firms to put in place functional policies that will protect you.
  • Business Transfers: In case one of us transfers an asset or a unit of the business to another firm, it is our responsibility to ensure that these companies respect the terms.
  • Legal Requirements: We only give out the account and other personally identifiable information when (1) it is required to fulfill a valid or legally binding requirement like regulation, law, court order, search warrant, or subpoena; or (2) when it is reasonable in response to a threat. In case the unfortunate occurs, we will try our best to inform you not unless doing so would lead to a violation of government instruction, court order, or the law.
  • Consent: We will always seek your consent, especially when it comes to releasing personally identifiable information to a third party.
  • Google Analytics: We are currently using Google Analytics to improve our content and also analyze the website audience. One’s information is not collected from Google Analytics. For more detail covering the way Google analytics handles personal info, check:
    If we learn that a third party accidentally disclosed personally identifiable information, we will act immediately to ensure your safety.

Security of Information

  • Respect the Legal Requirements: We ensure to respect and follow all legal requirements, including those concerning personal information and medical privacy.
  • General Policies
    We have implemented technology and security policies, rules, as well as other measures to ensure that we protect your personal data and ensure we respect your confidentiality. This is to ensure that we fully respect your confidentiality. We use a number of security methods to determine our registered users’ identities so that appropriate rights and restrictions can be enforced. Reliable identification of registered users is known as authentication and we use both usernames and passwords for this. However, password maintenance is the user’s responsibility.
  • Employees
    We require all our employees to keep registered users’ information private. Only employees with authority are allowed to access health information. It is everyone’s duty to respect this policy in order to avoid legal action or termination of employment.
  • Access to Information and Choices
    We collect and make corrections to information about you. Should there be any errors, you are free to make changes to your profile at any time. Record deletion requests may result in your removal, though; we may keep demographic information for the purposes of improving our product. You may contact Customer Support to help you with the necessary changes you wish to make.

Privacy Questions or Concerns – How to Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this policy or our policy practices, feel free to contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

If you are a California resident and you require your California privacy rights, please include “California privacy rights request” in your email’s subject line.

If you are a European Economic Area resident it is easy to access the details covering your rights on the GDPR platform (General Data Protection Regulation), but ensure to clarify your request with the statement GDPR privacy policy rights request in your email’s subject line.

You may also write to:
15, Software Technology Park,

Link Road, Sadar – 440001,

Nagpur, Maharastha, INDIA